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Groove City

Blending confidence, sound strategy and an eye for talent, Kevin Peck works to put Baltimore on the musical map.

May 14, 2002|By Donna M. Owens | Donna M. Owens,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

Plucking away on the computer, he is frequently interrupted by phone calls. A young producer knocks on the door, saying he needs Peck's input on something. He excuses himself, dashes off and returns a few minutes later. "Sometimes, I get so busy I don't even know what day it is," he says, grinning. "Every day is different, but there is always something that needs to be done."

Indeed, the life of a budding music mogul seems nonstop. On any given day, Peck might have meetings, listen to demos, conceptualize new ideas for the company's Web site. If he is not working in the building, he's out and about - at music stores, radio stations, anywhere he can spread the word - and sounds - of his company and its music. The result means 60- to 70-hour work weeks, plus weekends.

He also has a small, dedicated team at 410 Music that helps him handle everything from marketing duties to music production. There are about 12 people in all, most in their 20s and 30s. Some have left other jobs to come on board, forgoing fat salaries and other perks for now, hoping that this start-up company will one day hit the big time.