Dear Kevin -  I am so excited to share in your 50th Birthday celebration. And I am honored to have been invited to contribute to your "Memory Book"? For me, reaching 50 years was an amazing accomplishment. I consider this time a fresh-start / new beginning. However, as the gospel song goes, "I wouldn't take nothing for my journey now."  My life has been The Ultimate Extraordinary Experience and I cherish many memories of our "life's firsts". You have been a loyal and dedicated friend for over 45 years. From losing our "two front teeth", to football injuries, to first college roommates, and more, we are truly blessed to have our families century old friendship which we honor and continue today. 


Above and beyond all the good times and life's challenges, you gave me self-confidence and have always been an unconditional Friend.  Frederick Douglass once said, "I prefer to be true to myself, even at the hazard of incurring the ridicule of others, rather than to be false, and incur my own abhorrence."  Always a Man of unselfish character, you never waivered from your convictions and always embraced our friendship. From childhood, to Morehouse College, onto today, you have consistently stood your ground and protected me against ignorance and bullies. Kevin, you have always been a man of integrity and extremely loyal to GOD, family, friends and a long list of life-changing personal endeavors. So thank you for always encouraging me to be myself, have confidence because I am the best, watch my back, use my imagination, be enterprising and "Create a Lifestyle". My Brother, I attribute the birth of "BobbyB" to you and today I stand tall and proud loving myself and life. The sentimentalities are hard to resist, so grab your handkerchief! "I wouldn't take nothing for my journey now".


Many stories I recall give credence to the aforementioned lessons you taught me. I often boast that at 12 years old, we secured our first job at the AFRO, cleaning toilets; and how you summoned me years later to move from Atlanta to assist you with building the Advertising Department; and introducing me to Kim Hunter of LAGRANT COMMUNICATIONS, which launched my successful career on the Public Relations agency side.


Here are a couple brief vignettes to express my gratitude: Thank you for my fear of needles, stitches and hospitals -. At about 10 years old, you socked me in the eye with a snowball sending me to Provident Hospital emergency room. Although I was traumatized by the pool of my blood that covered the beautiful white snow at our Elgin Avenue alley, the scar I possess today has been a beneficial conversation piece over the years. I literally learned to "watch my back". Twenty years later, on my 30th Birthday, you invited me to lunch at a posh Downtown Hotel. It was a huge surprise to be joined a beautiful young lady whose freckles danced on her cheeks. Unbeknownst to me, the rising star was the international recording artist TAMIA. OMG, I was in "puppy-love" again because the ambitious sweetheart was so genuinely attentive and she doted over my scar. I have never been star-struck, however when Quincy Jones and Brenda Richie entered the room and joined us, I could not believe my eyes. It was a priceless moment for me to be in the presence of Brenda, a Public Relations leader and Quincy Jones, an historical Icon.  They wished me Happy Birthday and Mr. Jones offered reflections of performing on "the chittlin' circuit" and frequent tours to Baltimore. But what hit close to home were stories of how your Grandfather, our Dear Uncle Biddy, contributed to his successful music empire. Thank you KP for a memorable birthday.

Kevin, I trust and pray that we will forever be capable of holding onto these memories and more. Let's be sure to share these memories with our children and encourage them to embrace our history and pass down from generation to generation these stories and more. Today, you have amassed a diverse collection of family, extended family, old friends and new, so let's all take advantage of this golden opportunity to Love. Our friend Quincy Jones said, "On this day I will mend a quarrel, search for a forgotten friend, fight for a principle, show gratitude to God, and tell someone, I Love You."


Kevin, my devoted Brother and Friend, time is a precious gift and not guaranteed, so always remember that if I forget to tell you later, or Father Time chooses to steal the opportunity, "Thank You, I had a great time and I Love you!"

Remember, if I forget to tell you later, "Thank You, I had a great time and I Love you!"



Your devoted friend,

Robert Eugene Blount Jr. "BobbyB"

Kevin Eric Peck!

 From,  Poly to Morehouse. To Morgan and Kappa Alpha Psi. 

 From Laurel, Diamond productions,   Dru Hill,  the US to Australia!

We have lived a good life!

Kevin is a representative of Baltimore and all the good that this city has.

A God fearing man and Father who believes in others and is willing to push and pull you to your dreams.

Yes, the "Dream Merchant" has and continues to inspire the youth, family,  and friends to Excel.   

Always pushing to the next level!

I've come to find that friendships like ours is rare and a blessing.


Proverbs 17:17 states

 “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.”

Yes indeed!


I leave you with this

You win,  I win

You cry,  I cry

You  hurt,  I hurt

You jump off a bridge,

I'm gonna'  miss you!


May God continue to use you,  cover you and bless you and your family!

Here's to 50 more years of adventures!


Love ya!  Frat,  Friend,  Family


Say it isn't so......

Hell, we didn't know but our Balt'More Bro is

turnin the big 5-0 !

Sending congrats, big hugs and lots of cheer....even though we cannot be near....

We predict more exciting things coming your way, just watch, work and of course you're gonna pray!!

All kidding aside, you're a Kool Kappa Kat with a so so shoulder tat----

You got your ideal bride, that stands by your side so navigating your 50's will be an easy ride!

Peace and Health for the New Year BroK and that's pretty much all Sis' got to say!!


The Biscoe Clan


It is truly an honor, and a privilege, to celebrate with you 50 yrs of Life.  We were introduced some 38yrs ago, amazingly enough, around your Birthday, and we have been rocking out ever since. From Painters Mills, to Poly, to Morehouse to Morgan. From Kappa Alpha Psi, to EMG and 410 Music, to most importantly sharing our love for our savior Jesus Christ.

Kevin, when I think back over all of the conversations, all of the situations, we've been through, the one word that comes to mind is "COMMITMENT". Kevin, you have always been committed to living life on your terms, never making excuses for your failures, but rather always embracing the lesson, and adjusting your countenance to a higher level.  You are the ultimate "Dream Merchant", always encouraging others to dream big and follow their own moral compass, trusting in their divine, God given right, to be a better version of themselves.

Proverbs 17:17 states, A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.  Kevin you have proven to be that kind of friend!

I will end by saying, God has always been faithful to me, he has personally handpicked all of the people, I would need to get through my journey.  He gave me the best Father,Mother,Pastor,the best children, and he has given me the best friend anyone could ever pray for! I thank God for one Kevin Eric Peck, and I am proud to celebrate this milestone with you!

God Bless! Your friend,


Tell Talley!

I stopped referring to Kevin Peck as such yrs ago. I won't go too personal(that I'll save for the book)😂however, what I can say with absolute certainty is that MPECKABLE can see a diamond in the rough without a magnifying glass.(or whatever they call that thing Mr.Peanut wears. I know the real name of it,but I refuse to ruin this joke by saying it)😂😂 He has been blessed with this gift & if you have ever been graced with his light your life is brighter for it. I love this man as a business partner, a friend & a brother. I look forward to our next 20+yrs of success that  I may be able to extend if I let a lil more of that light shine in my life.

Love ya Bro👱🏽🐉


To my great and dear friend Mr. Kevin Peck. You have been one of the kindest and greatest individuals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. It's because of you that now I have a nationwide and worldwide DJ presence because of the opportunity you made for me. You took me to Las Vegas for the first time, and exposed me to the rest of the nation! I will never forget you for that wonderful gesture! I think God every day for Mr. Kevin Peck! Happy birthday my great friend!

DJ Boobie

The first words Kevin ever said to me were words of encouragement. I was a producer for ABC News, just looking to conduct an interview with SisQo for the release of his third album. When I dialed into the conference call, Kevin was the first one on the line and while we waited for everyone else to join, we chatted about the fact that he was in Los Angeles on that particular day and how I really wanted to get back there. 


"The choice is yours," he told me, "Make the decision to follow your heart and your dreams-- and everything else will fall into place."


One year later, after we'd become friends and business partners, I was on my way back to LA to do just follow my heart, my dreams and my purpose. And using his word, it's been nothing but "AWESOMENESS" ever since. :) 


Ever since that first conversation, he has never hesitated to embrace me, treat me like a daughter, and give me the platform to do the one thing I wanted to do more than anything else...tell exceptional stories for a living. When he says, "Don't make a living...create a lifestyle," he isn't just passively giving advice. He leads by example and shows that it's possible every single day. 


So on today, we celebrate an MPECKABLE 50 years of life...and many more to come!   Happy birthday!!!



It’s amazing working with Kevin. Not only does he manages the world’s greatest R&B group He’s also a mentor. His knowledge about the industry has never steered me wrong, as I am “green” to a lot that there is to know. I look at it like a big brother little brother relationship. And it’s genuine. This man ALWAYS has a plan and that mentality is very addictive. His FAITH brings harmony and structure and his generosity is surpassed only by the size of his heart. Having said that, I’m extremely proud and appreciative for you bro. Looking forward to another 50! Congrats





"A Kappa Man is taught nothing is impossible, just unknown possibilities" 

Happy birthday brother-in-law!

I wish you a fantastic night, filled with lots of joy, fun and laughter, I know that you now have true love in your life,

So I’ll just wish for it to grow stronger with every year!


For the years of encouragement, advice, support, and motivation you always so willingly give, I thank you! Here's to another blessed 50+ years!


Happy Birthday, KP!


U were so nice and super cool! I appreciate it.

See u soon at ur bday bash!!

Take care - aaliayh raaman

Happy Birthday Kevin! You've managed the greatest RnB group of our time; which makes you the greatest manager! ❤️


Christina Hill 

1 Timothy 4:12 

Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.




Keep Loving, Laughing, and Living,

Pastor “P’ and His Pollard Girls! 

Seek to make a difference in the lives of everyone you know. If you help ONE person to see God's love, or their value & worth, by offering them love & encouragement, you not only impact that ONE life…you impact EVERY life they come into contact with.


Nate Dingle 

Cool Kevin Peck

by AJE


As I look at that picture of you as a nine and a half year old big brother holding me gently yet firmly

The glean in your eye and the smile that we share are indescribable

The look of accomplishment, joy and love pours out in every pixel


Those early pictures are now almost 4 decades old

But the sentiment is still as sweet as the day it was taken

The bond that a baby sister and big brother share even nine and a half years apart is unmatched


DJing, having a room in the basement, house parties, Atari, going away to college, and shaving

your head to pledge

Are all etched in my mind as important memories of our years together at home on Elgin Avenue



You were the first sibling to show us that mommy and daddy aren’t playing when it comes to school

They will make you move back home and pay for it all


You were the first sibling to get married and then make me an auntie of three beautiful babies

Even though they aren’t babies anymore


You were the first sibling to try YTB, Amway, Syntek gas and any other entrepreneurial endeavor

Don’t make a living…create a lifestyle


My own children now ask me how did it feel being the only girl or did I want a sister

I never looked at having only brothers as a deficit

Having brothers to do the things before you did

Make things a whole lot easier


On this your 50th birthday

I celebrate you as my brother who supports me no matter what

Who loves me unconditionally

I celebrate you as my brother who always interrupts my phone calls with mommy or daddy

Because we are so much alike when it comes to them

I celebrate you as my brother who loves hard, works even harder and gives over and over again

Happy Birthday KP

Lots of love

You have set the standard; for life, for how a man is to treat me, and for style. You have taught me that each and every choice I make is one that I should own up to, whether that is good or bad. People ask me about my father and I smile because you are great! I admire your zest for life and ability to beat to your own drum. You work as hard as you play! Working harder than any man I know in your careers, home and in the lives of everyone you meet. You're the only one I know who will be in Europe on Monday for a concert, ATL on Wednesday to make a snowball, and Baltimore on Friday to take my sister and I shopping and out for dinner! And we know how you play, on all of the days in between I can find you DJing, golfing, or hosting some fun activity for anyone who wants to tag along. Your eyes may be red from lack of sleep but your smile is always big! Thank you dad, for always being my protector, provider, mentor, and friend. I know I can always call you to make me smile. No matter where I go in life you will always be my number one guy! I love you!

"... time  is  a precious gift and not guaranteed ..." Bobby B

"Keep loving, laughing and living" Pastor Pollard

 "You got your ideal bride, that stands by your side so navigating your 50's will be an easy ride!  Avian

"May God continue to use you, cover you and bless you and your family!" Rafael

"It is truly an honor, and a privilege, to celebrate with you 50 yrs of Life."  Tell Talley

"Don't make a living...create a lifestyle,"

Thanks for teaching me how to live my life carefree and to live without regret. You always said work hard so you never have to work for anyone else and so that you can be your own boss; that's how everyone should think! You continuously give back selflessly and care deeply about everyone you meet. I know that you'll always be there for me and be able to support me through everything. You were there when I cried, lied, and tried my hardest. You're one of the funniest people I know and you taught me all my jokes! Thank God that i got the best dad of them all. I know you've loved me as long as I've lived, but I've loved you my whole life! Some years have passed and sure you lost some hair here and there, but to me nobody could take your place.. because once a daddy's girl, always a daddy's girl.




Kevin and I have been friends since August of 1984. Dear Ole Morehouse brought us together along with our interest in Kappa. There was no way we were not going to pledge together. But Pastor Draper had other ideas she politely informed Kevin "You can come home and go to school a lot cheaper than stay in Atlanta and be extremely social at such a high cost " so off he went back to Baltimore to his families alma mater Morgan State University. But our bond had had not quite made its way on to the scene yet. So with no cell phones and social media outlets; we did it the old fashion way "Ma Bell" keeping each other informed on the ever changing events of our lives. Our friendship grew into business ventures some successful and others well let's just say it was fun attempting them. We have been there for one another through every high and low of our lives and in situations when Kevin and I were the only people we felt we could count on. I specifically remember being in Atlantic City to do a photo shoot for our radio show in November 2011.  I returned home only to find my life would forever change and I was completely caught off guard. But Kevin called me daily sometimes twice a day and encouraged me to stay strong, continue to pray, take care of my boys and let God handle it because regardless of the outcome I would be alright. Early in December; Kevin called me and told me to fly to Vegas get away from it all if only for a few days. So off I went to Vegas and the selflessness of my friend did not allow me pay for one meal those three days. We did our radio show remote from Vegas. The rest of the time we spent discussing Gods plan;  and how His plan is not always our plan. At one point we had walked the entire casino floor in Caesar's Palace several times just talking. There are so many instances where I have witnessed Kevin try and help friends and family; sometimes to his own detriment. But this is exactly who Kevin is a caring selfless person. I am so proud to call him a business partner, frat brother but most importantly my brother in Christ.Happy 50th Birthday..... I Love you dude! Allen Edwards

So here we are, Kevin Peck at 50, celebrating your birthday!

You have heard, he is quite the family man, fraternity man and has realized many dreams.


 But let me share how this birthday was a major event Jan 4th 1967 for me and so many others!


I think back …17yrs old and in my senior year at Forest Park High School and my sister who was at Morgan State was getting married and having a child.   She and Eric had a plan and she didn’t miss a beat finishing her education with her class with Kevin Peck at her side.


I was now Godfather, Eric and then Andre became fathers…


 Biddy and Bubby become Grandfathers for the first time and Frankie and Margaret Peck .affectionately known as Doll, who is here tonight representing the continuation of that generational love, held Kevin as the apple of their eye.. as their first Grandchild.


Getting to know Kevin: He came to visit me in California: in Dec. of 1979.  Robin and I took him with us to a friend’s home for a Christmas party and as Michael Jackson rocked the house and the dance floor got full, smack in the middle of the floor was Kevin. The brother had moves and proceeded to party all night.  He subsequently informed us he had to get back to Baltimore because he was having a dance party of his own for his 13th birthday with girls!

Kevin continued to flourish, his optimism and “can do” spirit has remained infectious.


We have been to Superbowl games.  Once Kevin, with no ticket, and my accommodations 25mins outside of town. The road warrior says I got this !

We end up staying at the visiting team hotel and Kevin still with no ticket at kickoff gets into the Superbowl and then meets me at the club level.


I am proud of my nephew. As he strives to be his best self, he remains a seeker, committed to his dream and the vision he sees in his soul. He shares and others then believe and things happen. Kevin is a doer.


As we celebrate Kevin, 50 yrs on this earth,  I am reminded of a line that many of us  know very well that Kevin personifies…


“I am the Master of my fate I am the Captain of my soul.”


Happy birthday!

Uncle Jimmy

In my research on getting older I discovered that 1st you forget names, then you forget faces, then you forget to zip up your fly, and then you forget to unzip your fly. Regardless of where you fall within the stages of this aging process as you reach this milestone in life, you're still my dude!!


Happy Birthday man!!!  I'm eternally grateful that God has allowed our paths to cross on this road called life. I admire you as a man and as a husband.  The work we do through Couples 4:12 is made rich because of your efforts and story. Thank you for the example you set in manhood and marriage.


Till death do this friendship part!



Couples 4:12 

But even before gave me so much encouragement and were a blessing. I ran across a journal of mine from the late 90s...that reminded me how many times you helped me, gave advice, made introductions, and the unexpected phone calls even when you are out of the country to check and make sure I was okay. I'm eternally grateful.

Charmel McMillan

I've heard it said the real power of a man is in the size of the smile of the woman standing with him. And, Kevin,  I can't stop smiling - my cheeks hurt. Thank you for always pushing me to my purpose. It wasn't until we reconnected that I reflected on the tremendous value of you sharing the gospel with me in 1992 over the telephone reciting Romans 10:9, If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.  Because you were not afraid of sharing the gospel, our children have a legacy of faith and for that I forever be grateful.   Kevin, my deepest and most intimate gratitude and love is reserved exclusively for you. You are my consistent champion; so strong when I am weak. All I want to do is love you. All the days of my life. 


I'd like to take the time to salute all of the people that have contributed to the MPECKABLE man you have become.  To you, Pastor Mom,  I thank you for raising a true gentleman who doesn't "major in the minors", Dad Peck thank you for teaching about responsibility and the power of second chances,  Dad Draper thank you for showing love knows no boundaries and family goes way beyond genetics.  To our children, thank you for your unconditional love and teaching us to be courageous and to try new things. To our extended family of strong accomplished men and even stronger and trailblazing women, I thank you for showing Kevin how to treat a woman and how to be a better man.  To friends and business partners, I thank you for showing Kevin that family is who you choose and how to always be better than you are.  To brothers and sisters in Christ, I thank you for covering Kevin in prayer and consistently pointing Kevin to the Word of God equipping him for many of life's challenges.


My sincerest appreciation to all of you that made significant sacrifices to attend his gala and honor him via written, verbal and musical tributes.

I thank my God every time I remember you. (Philippians 1:3 NIV)

Love, Dana 

I only have one word for this gentleman "A Man of Many Hat's " I was introduced to him through my son "TAO" which is a part of the Dru -Hill Family. Since day one ,he has been like an angel watching over me ,my son and my family. He is like my second son, and I always tell him "I thank our higher power for bringing you  into our lives ". I can call him and if it can be done , Kevin will take care of it for me. Tops off to you Kevin, and continue to look up because you have truly been an angel to me and "TAO". Happy Birthday and may the angels continue to fly around you and your ventures that life brings to us and shield you always.  Love you Kevin !!

Mona,  TAO'S MOM 

It has been a pleasure since day one meeting Kevin. I met him actually on the phone as I was planning for a party and I wanted to have Dru Hill perform at my son’s birthday party. I’m very persistent in which he soon learned. He would tell me to call back at 3:10 and I would call at 3:08. He wouldn’t answer and I would call 9 more times until he did. He doesn’t know this but one day I called again and he said call me back in 15 minutes. I said “great”. Whelp he thought he hung up the phone and he said “ Good lord, this woman just won’t stop calling”. I laughed and STILL called back in 13 minutes. Kevin made my son’s birthday so memorable. From there we end up working together on the radio station, SONG THERAPY and my son even did Kevin’s favorite jingle… “Welcome To Song Therapy”. Thank you for being our mentor and more importantly a friend. My son and I would like to wish you a very Happy Birthday and many blessings to you. Happy Birthday and we love you


From Kevin Ryan and Lori Carter

Kev we go way back. It was funny how for prob 20 yrs we haven't been in contact. Until I bumped into while at work,of all places The Cheesecake Factory, your favorite restaurant. Although we weren't in contact I was always aware of what was going on and what you were accomplishing. Continue to do great things. Happy bday bro and praying for a continued blessed life for you and Dana.. You getting old bro😂😂

David Dennis

Kevin Mpeckable Peck I just want thank you publicly for your advice & wisdom you gave me when I first entered into this business and started managing SWV! You always been a stand up guy . I'll never forget how you brought Dru Hill (My homies) to do @rnbspotlight at the last minute when the other group (not mentioning no names) pulled out on me! Dru Hill came in and destroyed that place!!! I hope you had a great night celebrating your milestone birthday man!! You know if I was able to be there I would have been there. I hope God blesses you to see many more!!

Cory  Taylor

When I was a young man... I used to look up to men like Kevin Mpeckable Peck and didn't even know who he was. So honored to celebrate your 50th birthday with you and your family and friends, good brother. Thank you for being you and God bless.  Frank Lewis



Here’s wishing you a happy, well, blessed, prosperous, joyful, healthy, fun, musical, and exciting 50th birthday year. We have only known you for a short time, but it feels like so much longer. From the first day we met and you gave hugs instead of handshakes, we knew “ok, he’s family!” The fact that you are a member of KAΨ and love golf is only a bonus! It looks like you partied like a rock star as you should have. HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY MPECKABLE!!


Chuck, Lynn, and The Johnson Boys


Congrats It looks like you pulled off an epic event!  I tried until Friday to make it, but I couldn't pull it off. The storm put the final nail in the coffin.   But I wanted you to know that I thought of a conversation we had a million years ago at Roland Park.  You were the short guy, shorter than everybody else except Mia : ).  You were trying to talk to a girl,I can't remember who, and she was treating you like a little kid/ little brother/ friend zone and it was only because of your height.   You told her that the men in your family grow tall, it just happens late.   You would be over 6 ft and you would have your own company and be rich and then she would be sorry she hadn't given you time.  I thought at that time- this guy is a trip!  As our paths have crossed time and time again, I have had the privilege of watching you 

grow in stature but more importantly in character, in business, in your family, and in your faith.  I'm truly blessed to call you a friend.  Friends to the end.

Cheers to 50 more!!!

Nicole Russel

Kevin is a new friend and business associate as of this  year, yet I feel like I have known him for years.  Kevin often calls me when he is touring on the days he checks into a hotel, I answer the phone uh oh what’s  wrong?  and he says nothing I just called to tell you that everything is perfect!

Who does this in the music industry? He is so genuine it’s refreshing.

Thank You Kevin for coming into my life and I am honored to share your big day with you and 400 of your closest friends